Evaluation- How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?



Evaluation: What have you learnt from your audience feedback?

Main Task Audience Feedback

Audience feedback was a crucial step during the creation of my main task. I received both positive and negative feedback throughout which helped me focus on what to keep and what I could film again or edit in a different way.

The first way that audience feedback helped me on my main task was from our location shot video. We created a video with options on different locations to film and which would look better. Everyone that we got to watch this video suggested that we film in Trish’s room as it conveyed themes of a dream-like atmosphere already without editing effects. We took these suggestions and decided to film our test shots at Trish’s house.(locations video below).

We created two videos for our test shots, one being random shots compiled into a short video and one with a loose narrative where we each took turns filming and being on screen. (Both videos below)

We, again, got people to watch these test shots and asked what they thought, and if any shot we attempted did not work or if we needed to try something new. We got constructive criticism on our camerawork and that we should aim to keep the camera more still and have less shaky cam. Being told this would emphasise our panning shots and our tilt shots. We were also told to make sure we focus on the right thing as in some of these shots the focus was on something other than the main focus on screen.

Another way audience feedback helped was during our editing phase of the film. We created a video on different filters we were interested in using.

From this video we received the feedback that two filters stood out. Asking many people which one they liked the best, the two main answers were:

Glory                                                                        Sharpen

q (2).pngw (2).png

We even asked members of our year group to choose which title of the film they like the most and what character names suit our actor Panashe and actress Ellesha. We gave them a list that they could choose from and the top chosen were the ones we picked

Title for the short film: Isaac

Name for Panashe’s character: Isaac                    Name for Ellesha’s character: Margo

After we had finished our film we received some comments saying that we should add sound for our flashbacks, as initially we had no diegetic sound during the flashbacks and just had the non-diegetic music. We then went back to edit our short film and add the sound back in and added the effect ‘Echoed sound’ over the top to keep it dream-like. (Below is our first edit without any sound during the memories).


Ancillary 1 (Poster) Audience Feedback

For my poster I drew a (bad) quick template of how I wanted the poster to look.


The feedback I got from this was very helpful as I was told many ways on how to improve. One thing that was mentioned was to remove the blood as it could possibly tell the audience that the character is going to die or is dead. This would ruin my proffered reading as I intended too only let the audience know he is dead towards the end of the film creating a shock factor in the audience. Another thing I was told was to make the title smaller, this would then keep the image as the main focus which would make Isaac and the door more crucial than his name. It would also let the picture draw audiences in and then they can see the title after if they wanted to view the short film. Thirdly I was told try out having less brightness coming from the door as some people thought it was too much and the black background was barely visible. I took all of these point in account when designing my final piece. (Below).ancillary-1-jpeg-copy

When showing audiences this poster design I asked them if they thought it needed any editing or ways to improve. Most of my audience told me that I should keep it how it is as it is simple and creates a mysterious tone and adding anything else would ruin it. One person told me I should make the silhouette of Isaac the same colour as the background. I then asked everyone who had previously reviewed and commented on the design to see if they agreed or disagreed. Nearly all other audience members disagreed as they thought that it made the silhouette stand out more as it is darker than the background colour. Taking the majority vote I decided too keep the silhouette darker than the background.

Ancillary 2 (Magazine Double Page Spread) Audience Feedback

For my magazine double page spread I wanted too keep it simple but visually pleasing. I took a couple of screen shots from my short film and asked audiences which one they preferred.

nn (2)m (2)

My audience said that I should take a new picture of Panashe that focuses on the front of his face to get his emotion. I took this advise and arranged a day with Panashe too take a get a picture of Panashe in the same style as the two pictures above. I then took the best picture I got and added a title and a glow effect that represented the same glow as the short film.

Double page spread background.png

Audiences really enjoyed this picture so I added the text onto it and finalized my double page spread. After finishing I asked people if they liked it and most suggested that I make the ratings and reviews red instead of black as they found the lack of colour made the design boring. I took this and made the ratings red which got positive feedback from viewers.

Media Double page background finished

Main Task: Editing

After we had managed all of the shots into the right order and added our filters we started to work on sound. We found a song called ‘Find Nothing’ which really worked well with our minimal diegetic sound approach.


This added with our other sound effects we had found on Final Cut Pro.

unnamed-8.png unnamed-10.pngunnamed-9.pngunnamed-4.png

Adding all of these together to correspond with the shots made our short film sound more professional. Below is the timeline of our finished short film (final cut).unnamed-6.png